Simone Rendon

Diabetes Education Coordinator

Simone Rendon is a descendant from White Earth and Pine Ridge. She joined Department of Indian Work in 2020 as a Covid Community Coordinator and now serves as the Coordinator for the Family Education Diabetes program.

Prior to working at DIW, Simone ran her own business “Edible Arts MN.” She wild harvests most of the food she turns into jellies and jams and sells at the Four Sister’s Farmers Market in South Minneapolis. She has always loved working with foods, making new flavors, and learning from others.

As a little girl she spent a great deal of time up north with women elders who made medicines. She now uses the knowledge, passed down from elders, to her job at FEDs.

Simone comes from a family whose members struggle with diabetes so she has seen the challenges firsthand. As the Diabetes Education Coordinator, she meets people where they are and together they develop a plan that will fit their life.