Economic Mobility Hub Launches Guaranteed Basic Income Program

Over the past year, the Department of Indian Work and the Montessori American Indian Childcare Center have been developing and building the Economic Mobility Hub. This new program is based on the integrated service delivery network (ISDN) model, which has been highly successfully in other communities. In fact, pilot efforts show that ISDNs improve odds by three to four times that people will achieve major economic outcomes related to education, employment, income, and financial stability.

This summer, with support from national and local foundations, the Hub began a Guaranteed Basic Income program. Twenty-six American Indian families in Saint Paul qualified and were selected to receive $500 in guaranteed income each month for 24 months as part of their participation in the Hub. Income support is a key pillar for ISDN and its success.

“We are very excited because this will be the first guaranteed income program in the country to focus specifically on the American Indian Community,” says Kelly Miller, Director of the Department of Indian Work. “This puts the work we’re doing in Minnesota in the national spotlight.”

Participating families have designed their own 7 Generations Family Plan and will participate in family-centered coaching. The program acknowledges and addresses the systemic and historic factors that have contributed to the socio-economic struggles for many American Indian families and takes a multi-generational approach to addressing economic mobility in our community.