Project Home Day Center Seeks Volunteers to Provide Weekend Meals


Project Home Day Center needs volunteer teams to help prepare meals on the weekends. Every Saturday and Sunday, teams of 4-8 people prepare and serve lunch (12 pm) or dinner (4:30 pm) for the families at our new Project Home Day Center.

Each team creates the menu, provides the food, prepares the meal, dines with the families, and cleans up afterwards. Meals are served buffet style with team members joining families and staff at the tables after the families are served.

A team’s time commitment is approximately two-three hours, which includes meal preparation in our licensed kitchen, dining with families, and cleanup. For weekend meals, we usually average about 15-18 people; you are welcome to call the Day Center’s office the morning of your shift to get an accurate head count. Sign up online or by contacting Wade Piper.

Supply Donations

Supply donations for the new Project Home Day Center are greatly appreciated! Below are downloadable lists of items we most need for general day center operations as well as for move-in baskets. In addition to providing bathing and laundry supplies, The Project Home Day Center offers families move-in baskets filled with basic home goods and cleaning supplies to help with this transition.