OSP Volunteer Highlight: Josh Rebholz

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Josh Rebholz
Josh Rebholz, Opportunity Saint Paul volunteer

Edited by Emma Grisanzio, Program Support Coordinator, Opportunity Saint Paul

PLACEMENT | Reading Partners
VOLUNTEER ROLE | Reading Tutor

Josh volunteers at Anishinabe Academy, where the site coordinator shared this story with us:

“Josh is an outstanding young man. He is dedicated to his student and it really shows. He is always on time or early for his session and always stays late to chat with me about his student in order to make sure he is doing everything he can to help her improve her reading. He even goes out of his way to bring cookies for the holiday celebration and even purchased his student a book set for Christmas. I have nothing but positive feedback for Josh!”

We asked Josh about his volunteer experience so far:

Why did you decide to join Opportunity Saint Paul?
“I joined OSP because I wanted to better educate myself about the issues we face in our community. Volunteering through OSP allows me to make an immediate impact and, hopefully, become a part of the long-term solution to these issues.”

What’s your favorite aspect of your volunteering?
“Seeing my student learn and improve every week is hugely gratifying. The collaboration between teachers and tutors is an awesome thing to be a part of. Getting the chance to make learning fun is something I will always look forward to!”

Thank you for your great work, Josh!

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