OSP Volunteer Highlight: Lorrie Tucker

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Lorrie Tucker
Lorrie Tucker, Opportunity Saint Paul volunteer

Edited by Emma Grisanzio, Program Support Coordinator, Opportunity Saint Paul

PLACEMENT | Reading Partners
VOLUNTEER ROLE | Reading Tutor

Lorrie volunteers at Maxfield Elementary School, where the site coordinator shared this story with us:

“Lorrie Tucker works with a second grade student. They are both very sweet and have developed a great relationship. So great, in fact, that the student asked Lorrie to come to her slumber party. She even started telling Lorrie her address before Lorrie stopped her. Pretty much the cutest thing that has happened in this room.”

We asked Lorrie about her volunteer experience so far:

Why did you decide to join Opportunity Saint Paul?
“I wanted to become more involved with Interfaith Action as I’ve been impressed by the work they do in the community, and support their programs. I also wanted to start tutoring reading with elementary students. Thus Opportunity Saint Paul provided me with a means to fill both of these goals.”

What’s your favorite aspect of your volunteering?
“It makes me smile when my student tells me how much she likes coming to Reading Partners. I love seeing the joy in her eyes when she successfully learns the definition of challenging new words, or earns a star for successfully reading her ‘sight words.’ It has been a joy for me to get to know her and work with her!”

Thank you for your great work, Lorrie!

To learn more about Opportunity Saint Paul, please contact:

Zac Poxleitner
Director, Opportunity Saint Paul