Dave Krahn
Dave Krahn, Opportunity Saint Paul volunteer with Daily Work

[Dave Krahn is an Opportunity Saint Paul volunteer at Daily Work, an organization that provides hands-on help for struggling job seekers. The following volunteer spotlight article is from Daily Work’s blog.]

By July Zheng, case management intern, Daily Work

Dave Krahn is Daily Work’s most committed ambassador. His name practically personifies Daily Work. Dave has been volunteering with Daily Work since 2005 in every capacity possible, as a board member, board chairman, volunteer executive director, donor, and now as a case manager working personally with job seekers.

When I first saw Dave, I sensed he is very kind, friendly and warm-hearted. I immediately started to relax as we talked because he is so nice and easy to talk to. Dave told me that he learned about Daily Work as a member of Christ Lutheran Church on Capitol Hill, where Daily Work is located.

“I wanted to find a way to contribute to the local community,” Dave said. “The pastor at that time, Sue Tjornehoj, asked if I would be interested in Daily Work. That was 12 years ago.”

I am really impressed by how long Dave has been involved with Daily Work. It is hard to be persistently committed to the same thing for such a long time. Dave talked more about his commitment to and passion for Daily Work.
“I am passionate about Daily Work because it connects people who might not otherwise be connected. Being involved at Daily Work makes more evident our shared humanity…our commonality. It is in such contrast with how the world works. We are very separated from each other; we don’t spend much time truly getting to know each other,” Dave said.

Dave went on to say, “At the core, I feel that we really are all the same. We may we look different and on the surface, we may act different. But if we really get to know each other, we all want the same things…to be able to live independently and support ourselves, to be able to care for our families, and to have choices about how we live our lives.”

Daily Work helps people achieve those things and more. By building community and relationships, we get to know each other and break down walls. By supporting job seekers, we expose them to new opportunities to succeed.

Read the full article on Daily Work’s website here.

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