Growing Through Partnerships

Project Home provides 73 families facing homelessness with emergency shelter space at 24 community sites.

By Randi Ilyse Roth, Executive Director

With your support, we have had an energizing and exciting year. Our newest program, Opportunity Saint Paul, is launched. The program’s seven nonprofit partners are deeply engaged. Our Learning Community evening meetings are rich and rewarding. The first cohort of volunteers is settling into their weekly volunteer work—tutoring, job coaching, and mentoring throughout the community. Every day we hear from volunteers about their experiences. It is exciting to be contributing to building an infrastructure of opportunity in the East Metro.

Our Project Home program continues to meet the needs of families experiencing homelessness with dignity in a supportive environment. We are heartened as our guests move from Project Home to stable housing. The volunteers make this program possible and are the heart, soul, and strength of this program.

Our Department of Indian Work programs are strong and stable. We’ve been able to expand Emergency Services due to a new grant. Yet, the needs of the community continue to increase. Your gifts go a long way toward keeping the food shelf stocked to meet the need. The diabetes education program continues to meet a very specific need in the American Indian community. The supportive environment and culturally specific approach to helping people manage their disease are effective and powerful.

Our youth enrichment programs, Project SPIRIT and American Indian Youth Enrichment, give children the fortitude and rootedness they need to do their best in school.

We fight poverty. We activate and educate volunteers. We strengthen faith communities by providing them with well-supported pathways to engage in social justice work. As people of all faiths, we have a religious imperative to help heal the world. Interfaith Action’s programs provide partnership through which we can do that well.

We thank you for joining us in this amazing work.

Warm Regards,

Randi Ilyse Roth
Executive Director