United in hopes and dreams


Project Home
By Sara Liegl, Director of Project Home

Yesterday, we had a family move out earlier than expected. They had left some of their belongings at the Project Home site they had been sheltered at. I picked the mom up at the day center and drove her over to pick up her things. As she gathered her items and helped me strip and tidy the room for a future guest family, we talked about her new place and her hopes for the future.

When we finished, she seemed torn and reluctant to leave. When I asked if she was alright, she said yes, but that she had made a wonderful friend here who she would miss. She asked if it would be okay if she took a minute to leave her a note. Instead of using paper and pen, at the mom’s request, we looked for a crayon. She proceeded to write an amazing note of encouragement to her friend on the inside of her cardboard shelter partition door. She explained to me that this way, her friend would see it each day as she left shelter and she would remember that she would get a place of her own soon.