2018-2019 Learning Community Events

Learning Community Event #1: October 11, 2018
Experience Poverty: Interactive Poverty Simulation with PlaySpent.org

Playspent.org is an online poverty simulation tool developed by Urban Ministries of Durham. During this simulation, you are asked to make choices about how you will earn and spend money. Some choices have consequences when made, and job loss is always a possibility. Using this online tool helps you experience just a small percentage of what it feels like to live in poverty

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Learning Community Event #2: November 29, 2018
Dr. Becky Evan on the topic “Unconscious Bias”

Part of our human experience is our brain’s ability to continually make behind-the-scenes decisions to get through our day efficiently. This unconscious bias is mostly a good thing but it’s important to understand how unconscious bias negatively affects our thoughts and behaviors. This interactive session will help us understand what unconscious bias is, how it manifests itself in our relationships, and how we can take steps to create more innovative, caring, and inclusive relationships with those around us.

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Learning Community Event #3: January 29, 2019
Building Strong Volunteer Relationships

Volunteering is a critical way to effect social change in underserved communities—even with a minimal time commitment. Opportunity Saint Paul’s partners depend on volunteer labor to expand work that changes lives. Successful volunteer experiences rely on building effective, authentic relationships between volunteers and clients. Brooke Hanson Rivers and Xander Gershberg from Reading Partners provide insight into how volunteers can build authentic relationships with the people with whom they work.

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Learning Community Event #4: March 14, 2019
Motivational Interviewing

OSP volunteers interact with a wide range of community members. When people of differing cultures and socio-economic backgrounds work together, their communication styles and expectations can vary. This learning community event focused on one specific method for achieving this outcome — Motivational Interviewing.

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Learning Community Event #5: May 9
Trauma-Informed Care
Presenter: Aiyana Machado, E3 Education, Excellence & Equity
Topics: understanding trauma and its impact on brain development, cultural resilience, and new tools to help volunteers in their work with students & clients

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Learning Community Event #6: July 18
Impact Stories: Opportunity Saint Paul’s Impact on our Community
Topics: year-in-review of volunteer experiences and impact on community partners

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